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Love our planet as much as we do?

Order your PVC free eco-friendly roller banner in May and enjoy a 20% discount.
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Eco Roller Banners

Affordable and portable environmentally friendly roller banners for all occasions.

Ever popular ‘pull up roller banners’ are eye-catching, effective and affordable and can now be ordered using our new eco-friendly material. Our 100% PVC free Eco Roll-up banner has been meet with an overwhelming interest by the environmentally conscious. The polyester based eco-friendly material has vivid colour fastness and the necessary flame retardancy. The banners are printed using LED cured UV inks which uses less energy to dry and is 100% free of solvents and volatile organic compounds. So, if you’re looking to make an environmentally conscious choice with your next roller banner, choose our eco friendly roller banners.

Our environmentally friendly roller banners can be used as backdrops, to display offers in shops, at trade shows and presentations and much more. Not only that, but they are simple and quick to assemble. Just unzip the eco roller banner carry case, flip out the feet, snap the 3 part pole together and unroll the poster. You’ll be surprised just how impressive they look.

The Wimbledon Print Company design and print a wide range of roller banners including our PVC free roller banners, aimed to help you stand out from the crowd. Lightweight and portable, eco banners are an affordable way to get the word out about who you are and what you offer. We can also help you with your eco friendly roller banner design requirements, just get in touch.


Standard Roller Banner

Wide Roller Banner

What makes our banners eco friendly?

The environmentally friendly textile Frontlit for medium term outdoor use opens up completely new possibilities for environmentally conscious applications. Printed using our LED UV inks – which is 100% free of solvents and volatile organic compounds that are linked to so many environmental and health problems. LED UV inks uses far less energy to cure.

  • Environmentally friendly, 100% PVC-free.
  • Free from heavy metals, phthalates, plasticizers and isocyanate-containing compounds.
  • Ultralight material for easier handling at object time.
  • Meets building regulations according to flammability.


Our in-house graphic design team is here to help with all your graphic design needs, be it page layout for a catalogue or an eye catching one-off design for a leaflet, poster or banner. Graphic design briefing is one of those things best done face to face so why not book a meeting with one of our design team, we’ll get an understanding of your requirements and provide you with an estimate.

Creating your own design? Is your artwork print ready? Have you got bleed? Is it CMYK? Confused? Download our handy artwork guide to help you out.